The Planned Giving Design Center (PGDC) eCampus supports a dynamic eCampus to educate and inspire professionals working to maximize value for their clients, families and organizations. PGDC eCampus supports members in their work by creating, collaborating, and conveying the latest research and trends in charitable giving.

Planned Giving Leadership

PGDC eCampus is a leader in program resources and educating other professionals and the public about the opportunities for charitable giving and the effect it can have on people and organizations..

Professional Development

Membership in PGDC eCampus connects you to national and local networks of motivated peers, subject experts and change-makers in Planned Giving — and an opportunity to advance and deepen your knowledge and skills.

  • Learn from and collaborate with subject experts
  • Participate in diverse programs
  • Receive the PGDC eCampus Journal — a tri-quarterly journal
  • Join Special Interest Groups (SIGs)
  • Connect online to a collaborative community

PGDC eCampus brings together professionals to build strong ties, learn concrete skills, share diverse perspectives, and create networking opportunities, in person and in its eCampus.

  • Share your expertise with national/local members
  • Contribute to the campus in many ways
  • Present programs at conferences and campus events
  • Promote your ideas/articles

One Click, One Community:

  • Extend your network
  • Enjoy free, one-click video conferencing and chat
  • Engage in PGDC committees
  • Gain leadership skills
  • Collaborate on projects, mastermind teams
  • Get early national conference opportunities
  • Cultivate trans-organization relationships